Personalized Digital Ads for Listings by Adwerx

Enterprise Automated Listing Ads Program

With the Adwerx Enterprise Automated Listing Ads Program, RE/MAX provides one week of highly targeted digital display advertising for all new listings (excluding rentals) for participating RE/MAX Affiliates. Your ad will be automatically created within 48-hours of the listing being entered into the MLS and will be placed on Facebook, Instagram, and premium websites, targeting potential homebuyers within a 15-mile radius of the listing. All one-week listing ads will run at no cost to participating Affiliates. Once your complimentary 1-week campaign has ended, you can add additional weeks to the campaign at your own cost.

Features and Benefits

Advertise on the entire Web

Your ads go where people spend their time online, including Facebook and hundreds of top websites.

Target ads to the right locations

Geographically target people near the listing, or enter your own cities to target.

Find people who are looking to buy or sell real estate

Adwerx looks for people browsing real-estate related sites and shows them your ad — even once they've left those sites!

RE/MAX discount

RE/MAX negotiated a 15% discount on all products for all who access the portal!

What is the purpose of the program?

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How do I use this to win more listings?

The first step is to activate your sellers’ daily reporting to show them how many times... Learn More

Automating The Inclusion of Seller Information

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