Keep your Foot in the Door with Real Estate Giveaways

Homebuyers have it hard when it comes to purchasing a house. For real estate agents, it’s a lot more work than just winning business, but it’s also about making a positive impression that leads to referrals. That’s where Blink Swag comes in with realtor promotional items that make a lasting impression. Apparel, shirts, polos, jackets, hats, drinkware, bags, backpacks, golf, pillows.

Features and Benefits

BlinkSwag & Real Estate

Real estate agents need to make an impact on their prospective clients and a longer impact (aka referrals) on their current clients. Blink Swag’s promotional items will create a huge impact.

Win over your Clients and Employees!

Real estate businesses use a wide variety of real estate promotional items to bring brand consistency among their agents. Agents use these swag products to win over their clients before & after the...
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Client Recruitment

Keep faithful lead-generation efforts in full swing for your real estate agency. Go with useful, practical items to keep your brand front and center for those prospective customers coming in.

Client Appreciation & Referrals

Thank your customers once they make a purchase with quality, high-end swag. Show off your dedication to them and get the referrals you need for your future business.

Real Estate Internal Use

Your agents and support staff work hard for your firm. Plus, they just love to use branded items inside and outside the office. Retain and entice your employees while maintaining brand consistency ...
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