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Get an experienced ISA working for you!

PowerISA has created an international team of more than 100+ ISA's servicing hundreds of Real Estate Agents and teams across the US and Canada. We will help you hire and train an experienced ISA onto your team. We help you hire, onboard, coach and train a new member of your team to get more leads converted and appointments set!

Features and Benefits

RE/MAX Associates Save $500

Retail price for this course is $3,500. RE/MAX Associates pay $3,000. Offer valid only through the RE/MAX Marketplace.

The most scalable way to have an ISA team

Learn the most scalable way to build an ISA team, whether it's in-house or Virtual.

Hire ISA's for $4-$6/hr

We get you qualified candidates for you to hire with experience in sales, telemarketing and call center work. Save time!

10 course modules, 50 lessons!

We cover everything from hiring, onboarding, training and managing your ISA.

Never overpay for an ISA

We help guide you with support from our founder, Customer Success Teams and Quality Assurance teams.

FREE content updates

We're always adding bonus content updates FREE of any additional charges.

FREE Facebook Marketing Masterclass

Learn how to convert Facebook leads at the highest level!

We coach and train your ISA for you

Use our experienced coaches and trainers to help get your ISA performing at the highest level FAST.

We help you hire an experienced ISA

We source, interview and recommend candidates for YOU to hire. Learn More

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