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There's nothing more frustrating that missing listings among the people in your personal network. For every deal you win from your personal connections, there are many more you are NOT winning. Using a machine learning model, First identifies these likely sellers in your network months before they list and helps you get in flow with them. Without spending ANY more money on leads, First can help you uncover the likely sellers in your network and win more.

Features and Benefits

Build a More Complete Database

Link your phone and email and we’ll de-duplicate your contacts, flag realtors, and add hundreds of new property addresses.

Get In Flow And Win More Deals

Seller Stars help you focus on the most likely sellers in your network while Funnel will help you stay on top of hot opportunities!

Track Deals Happening In Your Network

Get realtime alerts when listings occur in your network, and see how effective you are at earning listings from people you know.

Find More Deals Among The People You Know

First identifies the most likely sellers in your network, so you can contact them first! 1 in 7 contacts with a 3-star rating list their home within 12 months.

Database Cleanup Help

Let First do some of the work to de-duplicate contacts, flag other agents, and add missing property addresses for your contacts.

First identified over 33,000 listings for RE/MAX agents in 2020

*Not all listings were awarded to RE/MAX agents.

Agents win an average 8 listings in their first 3 months of using First

*Average of total productivity for RE/MAX agents who began using First in 2020, including some agents who may have had higher than average baseline productivity prior to use of the First app.

RE/MAX agents who used First in 2020 increased their productivity by 9% on average

*2019-2020 comparison of residential transaction sides for RE/MAX agents who began using First prior to April 2020.

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