LegalShield and IDShield

Having affordable access to the legal system is important. LegalShield provides practical and affordable legal assistance in all states and all provinces of Canada

 Let us save you the high expense (and time) with these legal and identity theft services. 


  • Top rated law firms in each state, providing affordable unlimited legal consultations, contract/document review, speeding ticket assistance, and wills.
  • Dedicated Law firms that have been vetted…no stressing, no guessing
  • Activate a low cost, monthly membership that covers you and your family
  • Additional programs for brokers/businesses.


  • Monitors all aspects of your identity including banks, social media, address changes, etc
  • Provides FULL restoration done by our licensed private investigators.
  • Activate a monthly membership that covers you OR you and your family
  • $1,000,000 coverage and $5,000,000 service guarantee

 Now Available – Discounted pricing on the LegalShield membership and the IDShield membership (18%—38% discounts for RE/MAX)

All memberships are month to month and designed to offer protection to individuals, families, brokers, and businesses.

For concierge service dial 866-473-6295


For more information OR to activate your membership online: