LIVE by ReferralExchange

RE/MAX Associates are eligible to receive an additional 50 free lead credits

Let us filter and qualify your leads so you can focus on the best opportunities and stop chasing dead leads. We qualify your leads using a licensed, professional team that acts and feels like a seamless extension of your brand.

Features and Benefits

Are they real?

We use our proprietary scrubbing technology to quickly figure out which of your leads are real and which are not.

Are they ready?

Our licensed customer service team calls your leads using a proven system that qualifies and warms them for you.

Are they right for you?

Once we determine a lead is real and ready, you decide whether you want to take the deal, or you can refer it to our national network.

Fair, upfront pricing

We charge a low fee to get started so you get value from day one.

Live transfer

As soon as we determine a prospect is ready to connect, we live transfer them directly to your phone.

More time to be an agent

When we qualify and warm your leads, you get more time to build relationships and focus on prospects who are ready for you.

A strategically aligned partner

We’re fully invested in your success and aim to help you close more business. You will always have a dedicated account manager waiting to help.

Consistently high success rate

Our method surfaces the people who are ready to act and increases the value of the connection to your services.

Lifetime personal referral network

Our national network of high-quality agents is a fantastic place to refer prospects who aren’t right for you. Send us your outbound referrals, or those leads not right for you, and we’ll work them ...
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