Momentum 2.0 Course

Momentum 2.0: Pathway to Mastery

Are you Ready to Create a Truly Thriving Office? Momentum 2.0 is for owners and managers who have MASTERED the foundational concepts presented in Momentum and want to take the next steps toward business mastery. Momentum 2.0 is NOT a replacement for Momentum, but rather an extension and toolset for brokers who desire to build truly thriving offices. Momentum 2.0 is a DEEP DIVE into the framework and systems needed for consistent culture adoption and increased accountability. Momentum 2.0 is centered on helping you achieve healthy growth through agent development, recruitment and retention.

Features and Benefits

Chapter 1 - Leading

Learn how to use the “Behavioral Expectations” tools with directors and staff to build improved directional and behavioral clarity and a strong foundation around your office’s Mission, Vision, Valu...
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Chapter 2 - Planning

Establish a shared commitment to your office’s goals (Operational and Financial) and reinforce the win-win nature of achieving these goals with staff. Introduce controllable daily activities tied t...
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Chapter 3 - Staffing

Take a deep dive into Assessing, Hiring, Developing, Rewarding, Nurturing and holding a highly proficient team of directors accountable to their goals. Move from working “in” the operational discip...
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Chapter 4 - Developing

Build strong consulting, training and accountability practices into your office and agent culture. Increase agent participation in training, development, mentoring and accountability as you transfo...
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Chapter 5 - Recruiting

Leverage multiple strategies to identify the best agents for your growing office. Engage, attract, transition and orient these agents with conversations and practices tied to your office’s value pr...
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Chapter 6 – Retention

Protect your growing office’s environment with strategies that communicate your value in a clear, consistent way that inspires your agents and staff. Use reports and tools to shape the goals and ac...
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