Paychex, Inc.

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Paychex simplifies payroll processing and human resource administration, whether you work for yourself or pay any number of staff.

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Dealing with the pressures of payroll? Our packages include:

  • Employee Pay Options (Direct Deposit and Pay Cards)
  • Online/Mobile Apps for Employees and Employers
  • Automated New-Hire Reporting
  • Time Clock Solutions
  • And More!

    Paychex is also one of the nation's top 401(k) plan recordkeepers, and offers a range of retirement options for you, your employees, and your business including:

    • Payroll and 401(k) Integration
    • Owner-Only Plans
    • Ongoing Fund Management
    • Wide Range of Investment Options

      Over 600,000 U.S. businesses trust Paychex to provide payroll and HR outsourcing. Visit our website or call 844-846-7827 and be sure to mention code 5388 to receive your special discount.