Personalized Commercials for Streaming TV by Adwerx

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Become locally famous using personalized television commercials from Adwerx. The first and only way for real estate agents to create and run personalized, local TV commercials on premium streaming channels in just a few clicks.

Features and Benefits

Why streaming TV commercials are for you

Streaming commercials get your brand and your name into the living room of your target audience without the challenges of traditional TV advertising.

Get on streaming TV in less than 2 minutes

1. Choose your TV commercial. 2. Select where your commercial will air. 3. Select number of commercial views.

Ready-to-air commercials

Ready-to-air commercials that feature your personal details and brand, no videographer ... Learn More

Pinpoint targeting

Target the areas you want your commercial to run in Learn More

On demand reporting

Insight into your commercial’s performance, views, and placement on different channels. Learn More

Share your commercial and retarget visitors

Share a link to your commercial and retarget those visitors when they’re watching strea... Learn More

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