Personalized Digital Ads for Your Sphere by Adwerx

RE/MAX negotiated a 15% discount for all of your ads!

Staying in front of your sphere is important to your business, but it’s time-consuming. What if you had an easy way to remind your sphere that you're an active agent, without filling up their inbox? With Sphere of Influence campaigns your digital ad is shown to specific contacts you add to your campaign, everywhere they go online.

Features and Benefits

More referrals from your network, without asking

No more pressure to send canned emails. No more worrying about marketing content. No more awkward requests for referrals.

You determine exactly who sees your ad

The contacts you add to your campaign are targeted with your digital ad, everywhere they go online. Most people will see your ad about once a day.

Remind people you're an active agent

Online ads are a passive, non-intrusive way to fill in the gaps between other touches with your sphere.

Stay top-of-mind for referrals

Over 60% of business* comes from an agent's sphere, and so it’s important to be the agent they think of first!

Add contacts to your sphere campaign by just sending an email

Our new, patent-pending Quick Adder™ technology makes it possible for you to add new contacts to the list of people you want to advertise to by hitting the send button — it’s as simple as that. Eac...
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