RE/MAX Inflatables

Take your open house to the next level!

Our goal is to provide our clients with unique and highly visible inflatables, digital promotions and displays that will complement your overall advertising campaign. This will generate the largest brand recognition campaign and create a lasting impression which will increase your sales. Since 1982, we have helped companies create the most eye-catching promotional inflatables around the world. We pride ourselves in creating the most high-quality design, fit and finish in the industry. Our inflatables are well built, long lasting and will prove your clients with the maximum brand exposure! RE/MAX Balloon.

Features and Benefits

Generate More Revenue

Generate local and national media attention by using inflatable advertising to create impulse buying and reactions on the spot. This has been proven time and time again to increase your sales by 20%!

Cost Effective

Using Inflatables are more affordable than any other form of advertising. Inflatable advertising works around the clock for more cost-effective advertising and a quick ROI. Your inflatable can be u...
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Build Brand Recognition

Separate your brand from your competitors to catch the attention of potential customers make them choose your business over another!

Experiential Marketing

Consumers are craving a live connected experience, by using inflatables they can experience your brand on a bigger and better level. Show your clients not just what the company offers, but what it ...
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Brand Activations

Generate more than 40,000 impressions using inflatables with social media campaigns! Watch your followers grow using your inflatables on your social media pages!