RE/MAX Social + BombBomb

RE/MAX Social + BombBomb

To make the most of the vast and often untapped opportunity that social media presents, RE/MAX Agents can now rely on the RE/MAX social team and BombBomb’s new Social Prompt platform for consistent, brand-aligned posts that are designed, written, and posted for you.

Features and Benefits

Social Prompt Blends Automation with Your Human Touch

Facebook content created and posted 4 times per month.

Developing relevant, timely, and coherent social content

Save time and build your brand with RE/MAX-created, done-for-you content. Posts providing value to homeowners and brand awareness are designed and written for you four times per month.

Stay in control

With the ability to approve, deny, and modify any social post, you are in complete control over your messaging while still having the luxury of someone doing it for you.

Automatic Posting on Your Behalf

Four times every month, Social Prompt publishes your approved and edited posts automatically to your personal or your business Facebook page. Your choice!