Redstor cloud backup, recovery and archiving for servers, desktops and laptops

Unified backup and recovery, archiving and DR

Redstor's complete data management unifies backup and recovery, archiving, DR and search and insight. Whether data is on-prem, in the cloud or stored in a hybrid environment, Redstor enables you to manage it through a single, web-based control centre, improving security and compliance, while simplifying deployment and billing.

Features and Benefits

Eliminate downtime

Stream backup, archive and DR data on demand. With our unique technology there is no need to wait for full recovery.

Protect in minutes

Simple, fast set-up. No hardware required and no compatibility challenges.

Liberate your IT team

Simplify your workload with intelligent automation and reporting. View all data from a single control centre. Remotely manage from anywhere on any device, minimising management overheads.

Get transparent, predictable pricing

Budget with confidence, knowing exactly what you are paying for. No hidden costs or surprises.

Free up primary storage

Avoid further investment in hardware by offloading rarely accessed data to the cloud with an automated service that ensures archived data remains instantly accessible - and comes at no extra cost.

Guarantee ransomware recovery

Offsite, isolated protection. Ensure business continuity with streamed, on-demand access to data instantly in the event of a malware attack.

Scale infinitely

Self-service solution eradicates deployment bottlenecks. As demand changes, you can provision as fast as you want with a cloud-based platform. No hardware costs, just predictable opex-only billing.

Strengthen security

Guaranteed data sovereignty. Strong, user-controlled encryption prevents unauthorised access.

Simplify and speed up compliance

Comply with regulations and legislation by easily and quickly identifying files that require action, including deletion. Search backup and archived data to speed up Subject Access requests.

Backup and recovery

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Disaster recovery

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