Security Solutions by Canon

Security Awareness to Help Safeguard Hybrid Environments

As businesses throughout the country continue to operate inside both conventional offices and remote workspaces, the real estate industry is no different. With important and confidential information transmitted quickly throughout various locations on the daily between you and your clients, it’s critical to keep your environment and information safe. Whether it’s through misinformation, phishing, or phone scams, there are unfortunately outside entities looking to wreak havoc on your business. Canon Solutions America provides the RE/MAX network with security solutions and services that can help you seamlessly maneuver through the competitive residential and commercial real estate landscape by utilizing strong processes and technology to help keep your surroundings protected.

Features and Benefits

Tap into Total Email Protection

The real estate market moves fast. Industry professionals need to securely send and receive important documents at a moment’s notice. Being aware of your surroundings and in tune with the latest tr...
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Secure your Surroundings with Cybersecurity

You operate in a competitive landscape. When closing deals, maneuvering through mounds of paperwork, and communicating with your clients, security concerns shouldn’t slow you down. But you should b...
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