Swiss Secure File Management

Complete security when exchanging data is worth its weight in gold. Welcome to DigitalSafe, a mobile cloud-based app from Switzerland. With your own personal storage cloud, you can secure, save and protect confidential information and data, and share it with other users. And you can do all this regardless of your location or that of anyone who been granted access rights. So if you want to protect your sensitive data, such as PIN numbers, passwords, e-tickets, plans, formulas or medical documents, in a virtual vault in a Swiss datacentre, DigitalSafe is exactly what you’ve been looking for. DigitalSafe is compliant with privacy laws such as FADP, SAS-70, HIPPA, HITECH and PCI-DSS. 100% Swiss Privacy and Security Guaranteed.

Features and Benefits

Swiss Secure Data and Email Management

Businesses are often the targets of hacking attempts making financial and other data vu... Learn More

Secure Data and Communications Management

SekurSafe lets you securely store and share information such as contracts, banking stat... Learn More

Encrypted and Private Email with Anti-Phishing Technology

Email anyone with complete privacy with our SekurSend option. Emails are not readable b... Learn More

SekurSend Anti-Phishing Email Technology

SekurSend is a unique feature allowing sender to send emails to anyone in a private and... Learn More

Share Documents Securely

Sharing any confidential document in our platform with an external associate or client ... Learn More

Secure Password Manager

Secure password manager with complexity meter and display encryption. With this feature... Learn More

Attach unlimited documents and files

SekurSafe imposes no limit on quantity (various options) or location on the number of a... Learn More

Synchronize Your Files

Synchronize your files in SekurSafe for access anywhere from any device. SekurSafe lets... Learn More

Compatible with any device

Access your documents, emails and password at any time and anywhere with SekurSafe. All... Learn More

Create and Modify Labels

SekurSafe users can add and modify individual labels to every note they create, making ... Learn More

Find everything in an instant with the search function

Search through all your notes in a convenient manner. Type a keyword related to a Note ... Learn More

Flexible profile management panel

SekurSafe is very flexible when it comes to your personalized settings and an overview ... Learn More

Organization of team members

One account administrator can manage several accounts simultaneously. They can read, ed... Learn More

Swiss Privacy and Security

Customers want encryption to ensure their data is secure. At SekurSafe we execute all t... Learn More