A Communication Tool to Centralize Your Business!

Make work life simpler, more pleasant and more productive. Slack is the collaboration hub that brings the right people, information, and tools together to get work done. This could be buyers, sellers, title, mortgage, inspectors, etc. to communicate, collaborate, and share files in a single channel as it pertains to a real estate transaction!

Features and Benefits

It’s all happening in the channel

Follow along with everything related to individual topics, projects or teams in their dedicated channels.

Connect on a Call

If working face to face is easier, go from channel to voice or video call in a click.

History you can see and search

Projects end, teams change and Slack saves everything. Rather than trying to remember, easily find what you’re looking for.

Work closer with others

Keep clients, vendors or partners in the loop by sharing a channel in Slack. Work moves faster when conversations do, too.

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