Stage It to Sell It

Are you listing an occupied home, and want to fully prepare it for sale? Do you need to help your clients know what to pre-pack, move, touch up, and purchase to make their home pop? Staging can add between 5% and 20% to the purchase price of a home. If you want those results for your sellers, check out Stagerie!

Features and Benefits

Get your sellers expert staging advice!

As you know, listing a home while living in it can be hard for your seller clients. They need to know how to prepare their home for sale, and keep it show-ready, throughout the process. Stagerie gi...
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Save time by using your phone for your clients' staging consultation.

With Stagerie, you can take pictures of your upcoming listing on your phone, upload them, and get the full staging consultation delivered to your email. There's no need to coordinate schedules amon...
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Increase listing referrals and earn clients for life.

Sellers expect their RE/MAX agents to have a full-service team behind them, including professional stagers and photographers. When you first meet with a prospective listing client, you can review ...
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RE/MAX Pricing: $162 per Stagerie Consultation

RE/MAX Associates save 10% off the retail price of a staging consultation.

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