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Grow Your Business Through Testimonials

Use Testimonial Tree to collect, publish, and share testimonials. Publish 5-star ratings automatically to your booj website, Realtor.com, share on social media sites for word of mouth referrals, boost SEO rankings and get more reviews on popular third-party sites potential clients look i.e. Google, Facebook, and Zillow.

Features and Benefits

Testimonial Management

We make collecting testimonials easy. Send feedback requests to your buyers and sellers... Learn More

booj Website Compatible

Auto-publish testimonials to your booj website. Purchase Testimonial Tree from RE/MAX M... Learn More

Share on Social Media

Grow word of mouth and influence. Encourage buyers, sellers, and agents to share testim... Learn More

Collect Third-Party Reviews

Prompt customers to also write a review on popular third-party sites like Google, Faceb... Learn More

SEO Microsite

Own your first page of Google search results. Every user will receive a Testimonial Tre... Learn More

Testimonial Syndication

Syndicate your testimonials to your profiles on: Realtor.com, CloudCMA, CMA Toolkit, Mo... Learn More

Automate with APIs & Integrations

Offices and Regions can fully automate the buyer-seller survey & testimonial review req... Learn More

Featured Customers

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