The RE/MAX "Guide to Buying and Selling" by Skyways Media

The RE/MAX Guide to Buying and Selling

Designed, not as a generic publication but as a totally localized and specific publication to the individual Brokerage. The RE/MAX “Guide to Buying and Selling” is content heavy and is an information publication not a “coffee table read”.

Features and Benefits

Broker/Owner Benefits

Its role for the Broker/Owner, is to let them provide their agents with a printed promotion give-a-away that will show, not only how different the RE/MAX organization is, in giving a “No Obligation...
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Benefits to Your Clients

Your publication will be full of “Best Practice” advice for the Buyer, Seller, Landlord or Renter.

Localized Content

Created with the full input of the individual RE/MAX Broker/Owner and their team, the content contained is written uniquely for every particular RE/MAX Brokers organization and not only contains “b...
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Zero Cost to You

The publication is funded by LOCAL advertisers, who have a working relationship with the Broker/Owner organization and offer complimentary products and services. This is part of what we call the “P...
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You Control the Content

Every brokerage has total control as to content and the third-party advertisers included, so no conflicts are created, only meaningful long-term relationships with likeminded local businesses The p...
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Unlimited Quantities

Provided in whatever quantities are needed to ensure ALL agents have a supply to give to prospective their clients.